Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Bolton 3 West Ham 1

West Ham started a fairly miserable half with Dyer and Collison. However Dyer's first start for a while didn't last long as he was forced off in the 20th minute with what looked a hamstring injury. Before being injured Dyer had West Ham's only shot of the first forty minutes and the only one on target for the Irons in the half. His shot from wide left of the goal 15 yards out, however, was straight at the keeper.

For the first 30 minutes West Ham played some reasonable football, without getting anywhere near the Bolton goal, but from about 30 minutes on it was all Bolton. Muamaba came close when his 20 yards effort was deflected wide. Knight and Davis both had headed efforts on goal, both of which flew over the bar. Klasnic shot over from 20 yards, as did Cohen from 10 yards.

In the 45th minute Gabbidon shot from the edge of the area but his shot was wide of the left hand post. In the end West Ham were lucky to go into the break on even terms.

West Ham started the second half a little brighter. Ilunga actually managed a header on target from ten yards from a corner, which was easily saved and Parker broke well and shot from the edge of the area in the 56th minute, forcing a good save from Jaaskelainen. However in the 63rd minute Lee drifted in from the left wing, played a one-two with Klasnic and beat Green from 7 yards.

It only took West Ham six minutes to get back on terms. Franco did well on the left of the area, passed to Collison, who then laid off a pass to Diamanti who shot and scored from the edge of the area. Two minutes later and Parker almost put West Ham into the lead, shooting just over from 20 yards.

With West Ham then looking the more likely to score in the 76th minute Green fumbled an easy catch and dropped the ball straight at Klasnic's feet for him to score an easy goal from four yards.

In the 87th minute Bolton scored their third from a corner to the back post when Cahill headed home from three yards.

So another depressing evening for West Ham, with Dyer presumably out injured for a couple of seasons and Green making a howler of a mistake to gift Bolton the lead.


At 9:59 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Absolute disgrace. Bolton s third goal in particular - if you can't defend corners better than that ,you're in the wrong profession. Our defence of set pieces stinks .

At 10:09 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

green was shocking. 2 worried about his face than catching a simple ball. he should of caught it then take out the attacker all in 1 move. best player by far, Parker. Worst, kovac. although young tomkins was trying his hardest to beat him to it. Franco good trickery. Diamond not really in it but for his goal and why the hell was he shooting from the half way line? collison didn't do much apart from his part in our goal. fubert out of position alot gabbs ok rita poor as has been the case for all this season. stanislas some good play but gave the ball away alot. Zola's tatics, what tatics it's just short straws now. sack zola put clark in charge

At 11:15 PM, Anonymous Mudslinger said...

How can I give my grandchild a replica kit for Xmas and expose them to a lifetime of this crap like I have been?

At 12:41 PM, Anonymous Ianthehammer said...

Don't worry, just waiting for the normal Zola after match statment - players gave 100%, cant be angry with them, we'll get out of it - and then everything will be alright


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