Saturday, May 29, 2010

Bids for Beckham, Cole and Henry

David Sullivan claims West Ham have tried to sign Joe Cole and Thierry Henry and are also keen on David Beckham. However it also sounds like Sullivan thinks West Ham will lose Matthew Upson.

"We’ve asked Joe Cole but Joe Cole said no. We asked him to name a price but he said he doesn’t want to come back.

"We’re fishing high and wide and we’ll land a few. We’re probably looking at 50 players and we might sign four or five. A lot depends on who goes.’

"We’re looking at a centre half from Spain who is only 20 and we’re looking at a German international who’s a senior player. They’re all irons in the fire but we might get none of them.’

"I’d love David Beckham. He has massive cult status in east London and still has a house near Bishop’s Stortford, not far from our training ground. He’s from Chingford, which is our heartland. We are the club of east London and Essex.

"If AC Milan didn’t want him in January and if he still wanted to do it, I’d love to have David Beckham for a few months through the American close season. He would have a tremendous impact. He seems a remarkable professional, as lean and fit as he’s ever been.

Sullivan also said that Boa Morte has been offered another contract.

"It’s not quite what he was on but it’s still a very good deal," said Sullivan.

"He’s a decent enough player and had a decent game at the end of the season but if he wants to move on, that’s fine as well. We’ll find somebody else."

However it seems that West Ham are resigned to losing Matthew Upson,

"We keep hearing the agent may have done a deal with a bigger club. I can’t say who but I wish they’d get on and make an offer. We’ve had offers from lesser clubs who he probably wouldn’t go to. He probably fancies one last throw of the dice at a big club. I wish Matthew well."


At 6:24 PM, Anonymous Matt G said...

This guy is starting to really do my head in!!!

Ok, im thankful that he has "saved" our club and that he has invested money, but he speaks aload of crap!!!

He says all this stuff as spin, knowing full well none of these players will ever come to West Ham!!! it is all just to increase ticket sales for the upcoming season! He done it for years at Brum....

We have nont even appointed a manager and apparantly we have 50 targets!!!! ridiculous!!

He slowly is making us look a laughing stock. Yes we need better players and a stronger squad, but within our limits..... not over rated, over payed players, who are over the hill. the only reason they would come here would be for the money, not for the want to play for us! Why would beckham choose west ham over AC Milan!!! get real sullivan. No one with any sense believes your shite.... youll find 95% of west ham fans are sick of it.

At 9:30 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least he's getting rid of Upson. Trouble is didn't he sign McCarthy?

At 12:25 PM, Anonymous Ian the Hammer said...

Season tickets at West Ham have never been driven by who we are/nt going to buy. Let him say what he wants, no big deal unless you make it one

At 9:25 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

shut your gob 6.24- u represent everything that is wrong with this club and its fan base. So the guy makes some comments that perhaps he shouldn't. SO WHAT ...

Without his investment we wud already be in the championship and heading for league one. Birmingham got promoted and had a good season- clearly sullivan and gold did something right to provide a platform for birmingham to progress.

Stop your moaning and shut the funk up, you time-wasting piece of rubbish.

At 12:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prem, leage 1, conference what ever. They can target who they like say what they like I'm stll going to back them all they way. As any true hammer would.
Stop moaning just be thankfull we have someone with ambition at the helm. Even if it is unrealistic ambition.
That said Becks would be a good signing for us, but I'm not so sure he can will be able to roll with the big boys come mid season.

At 2:17 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

This guy is starting to really do my head in!!!

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