Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Daprela Sold

Fabio Daprela has been sold by West Ham to Italian Serie A new boys Brescia Calcio. Daprela at 19 years of age always looked a good prospect to me. I can't help thinking that West Ham have very little cover at left back now.

Being transfer deadline day there isn't much point reporting on the newspapers. If you believe the papers West Ham will today be selling Cole, Parker, Upson and anyone else who can raise money for the club.

I'm pretty glad I no longer get Sky Sports News. Now I don't have to sit and listen to their rubbish all day long as well.

So no rumours from me today - only news about concrete signings or players being sold.


At 11:53 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Given Ilunga's poor form and Spector not being a natural left back, this doesn't seem like the wisest decision ,unless it was absolutely necessary to raise funds for a last minute purchase.

People castigating the management for not selling the likes of Spector and "six other players" (god knows where this pundit "ali G" or whatever his name is gets his information from) ought to stop and ask themselves why it hasn't happened. You can't sell a player when there is not demand for him for a start. And you can't sell other ,more marketable players,when the only bids are by clubs trying to by these players on the cheap,like Tott.

If it was so easy to offload Cole for 15 million pounds teh club wud have done so already. Because potential buyers know he's not consistent or reliable enough to warrant a high price tag. Same with a few other of our so-called high profile players.

At 2:00 PM, Anonymous MattyG said...

it is not a quote, it is an observation. And yes if players are not wanted they cannot be sold. I agree. But now we have no decent cover at left back. What i was trying to point out (and obviously unsuccessfully) was that we have players who really are a) not good enough or b) surplus to our requirements. They are the player i was saying we should get rid of, but as you rightly point out we cannot sell players who are not wanted.
I cant see us purchasing anyone else to be honest with you, i think we are done in the transfer market, and hopefully that means selling too. I dont rate cole at 15million either, nearer 10 would be more accurate. but lets hope the team now gets together and starts putting in some winning performances and moves up the table.


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