Friday, September 03, 2010

Will Behrami End His Strike Now?

Valon Behrami has spoken of his disappointment at not getting the opportunity to move to Roma. The proposed deal failed to be agreed on the last day of the transfer rumour.

"I am disappointed the deal failed to go through - that is for certain," Behrami said. "Avram Grant gave me his permission to speak with Roma.

"But he also said he needs me, with West Ham bottom of the table. I’m sure I’ll still get to play for them (Roma)."

It has been widely rumoured that Behrami has been refusing to play for West Ham. It remains unclear whether Behrami is now willing to earn his wages at West Ham.

The Sun reports that Robert Green has undergone a hip operation this week. The paper say he is expected to be fit to play against Chelsea next week.


At 4:23 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Usally I'm tempted to stick up for this blog when someone shouts out how idiotic it can be. Usually its good and right. Dropped the ball here.

Beharami did no strike.
That is silly media speculation.
He was left out to prevent any injury incase of a money making sale.
If you look at the offical website today you'll see that he wants to go to where his family is. Which for me is only right nd not a problem.
I'm afraid I'm going to have to move on if this place is just going to spout and recycle the usuall media lies.
Beharmi other than Parker is the only player who plays with his heart and gives his all when he is on the pitch.
Unfortunantly injury hampers him.
So why would management risk affecting a possible sale by playing him and him picking up a poetential injury? His moving is best for him and his family and perhaps in the long run the club.

Give him a break and perhaps bring a little blance to your blog. Your bias is showing.

At 10:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agreed that the club cud not risk behrami if a deal was imminent. it was not in the club's interest ,or the player's interest to risk it.

again- it wud do the club more good if so called "supporters" wud stop choosing to point the finger at players,coaches and the current owners at every opportunity. That ain't going to get us out of the relegation zone. Supporting your team properly,instead of whinging and moaning,just might help.


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