Monday, October 18, 2010

Upson Misses Game with Back Problems

The West Ham defence were in disarray in the first half of the Wolves game and certainly seemed to miss the presence of Matthew Upson. Avram Grant says that Upson has a minor back problem,

"He had a back and neck problem. He could not move his neck on the morning (of the game), but the back four played well, especially in the second half."

Victor Obinna has revealed that Avram Grant read the riot act to the players during half time at Wolves,

"He was really mad because he knows the quality in the team and he was really, really upset with the way we played. He just told us to go out and prove ourselves. It was justified from the manager as I think Wolves were the better side in the first half."

Obinna was also convinced that Piquionne's late disallowed goal was legitimate,

"It was a clean goal. It hit him on his chest."

Avram Grant says he is bewildered why Scott Parker has not been called up by England,

“With due respect for others, there is no doubt Scott has been the best midfielder this season. I’m not the England manager but I’m sure Scott deserves to be there. He plays well offensively and defensively and he’s good on the ball.

I’ve been working with Scott for four months and he is a top, top professional.

He can be an example to everybody because he always gives his best if he’s in a good mood or not in a good mood. I don’t think it just came as a gift, he made it happen by training well, by behaving well, by always being positive."


At 12:14 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps its my biased but I firmly believe Scotty should be in an England shirt. I seem to remember Fabio going on about playing players only in form not just big names. Gerard isn;t in form. No where near the form he can show, Parker is. We know this.
Even Barry isn't in form and Parker could EASILY replace him. It's ridiculous really. What more does that man Parker have to do to get in the team?
Fabio is doing the exact opposite of what he claimed. Names over form. Still playing Shrek and Crouch over Bent and Davis (though yeah, he got a run out but thats all it was)
It really annoys me but at the same time I'm sort of glad that Parker can consentrate fuly on West Ham. So I guess I'm bitter-sweet over the whole deal. I don't doubt though, that Parker and Noble will play a part in the England squad before too long. Certainly Noble, in the years to come he'll be a key player for England as will Stanislas and Hines maybe even Nouble too. Some will disagree with me heavily there but again perhaps its my biased showing. I rate all three of those to be big names in the next few years.


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