Sunday, October 10, 2010

Cole Deserved to be Dropped

Carlton Cole says he didn't deserve to be named in the current England squad,

"Being dropped from the England squad wasn’t a surprise at all. I haven’t been playing so I didn’t deserve to be called up. In the Bolton game I missed a penalty – and that has defined my season so far.

If that had gone in I think I would have gone on to score a few more goals by now.

But there’s a fine line in football sometimes and you get to learn from these things – that was a big moment to learn from. Right now, I’m heavily involved in the character-building process.

You have to understand that for the last two years I’ve been the first-choice striker. Now Victor and Freddie have come in and it’s time for me to up my game.

I have to admit that I haven’t been the same since my knee injury last year. I’m happy to admit that. I’m very honest about myself and I’m by far my biggest critic. I’ve just not been the same.

I’ve got to find my form and it’s a good thing that they are ­performing in my place. It can only inspire me to up my game. I have been told to step it up but ­sometimes you need to have that in yourself. I believe, though, it is ­important to be told things like that.

People can tell you everything you want to hear but sometimes you need that person in your life to say: ‘Listen, it’s not going well. You’re not doing what you were doing before your injury.’ Now I’m ready to take it to another level.

I’m going to bounce back a better person."


At 12:15 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

At least he's honest with himself. that s the first step towards turning it around


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