Monday, October 04, 2010

West Ham to Avoid the Drop

Avram Grant says West Ham's position at the bottom of the table is only temporary and that West Ham will not be relegated,

"We are not a team to be on the bottom of the league. We are not heading for relegation. We play football to be in a better place and we will do it."

"Obinna didn't play for a long time before he came to us and he was good for us (against Fulham). He can play in many positions. He can play left or right and he can play better also.

"He sometimes does things on his own but I do think he is a team player as you saw with his two assists in the last two games."

Martin Samuel, writing in The Daily Mail, says that T#ottenham should not consider a move to the Olympic Stadium,

"Daniel Levy’s idea of invading the territory of a rival London club shows contempt for the dynamic of football in the capital and the history of its teams ... Stratford is in east London and Tottenham are a north London club.

Tottenham’s Olympic contingency plans may also be a non-starter for legal reasons. Premier League rules I5 and I6 deal very specifically with ground location. I5 states that any change of ground requires the consent of the Premier League board, while I6 says there must be a relationship between the locality and the name of the club or its traditional association."


At 12:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yet another example of Snott sticking its snout in a pig's trough when it isn't meant for them. This is the Levy and his band of wanderers operate. Always looking to stick their two penneth in it purely to create annoyance and ill-will.

Only a greedy scumbag like levy wud contemplate removing a team from its natural North London fan base. But that's Tottenham leadership for you. They don't even give a toss about their own fans, the league that they play in ,nor the city in which they operate. Selfish ,miserable basket. Similar to the type of person who creates religious wars to satisfy his own personal agenda with no thought of the impact on everyone else around him.

One deluded,sad,pathetic piece of flesh and blood Levy is. What an absolute embarrassment to London

At 3:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Blimey take a chill pill.


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