Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Phoney War: West Ham vs Redknapp

Sky Sports News report that Harry Redknapp has accused West Ham of trying to 'tap-up' midfielder Jamie O'Hara over the summer. The world is still rolling on the floor with laughter at the sheer audacity of the world's leading proponent of the dark art of tapping-up trying to deflect attention form his own misdemeanours.

The Sun report that the club Harry has just tried to stitch up like a kipper (West Ham) will always have a special place in his heart,

"I still look for their results every week. I grew up there. I was there at 15 and have great memories as a kid growing up with all those great players, Frank Lampard, Trevor Brooking.

They were great days and it was a great part of my life."

With friends like you Harry ...

The Daily Star quote Avram Grant as saying that Redknapp tried to get Scott Parker on the cheap over the summer.

"They knew our financial situation, they tried to take advantage of this"

This theme is continued in The Mail which quotes Karen Brady saying,

"Harry Redknapp has introduced something in the transfer market I call "Harry's Law". It goes: "Do what I like, when I like, with whom I like.

Scott Parker grew unsettled by Sp#rs' clear interest in him even though West Ham joint-chairman David Sullivan stated he was not for sale. No permission to speak to Scott was requested or would have been given. But this was not good enough for Sp#rs who were convinced we would be pressured into selling."


At 9:57 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Harry the Hypocrite . This guy just never stops making excuses.

You tried to take advantage of West Ham's financial situation Kidnapp,and you failed. So don't go moaning about O'Hara. And don't claim to be Grant's friend or West Ham's friend.

You are nobody's friend in the East End, Harry . And the only reason I haven't punched your lights out ,Harry,is that it's against the law.

What a proper ponce your son is as well Harry. Go get yourself convicted for crimes against the HMRC ,Harry . Couldn't happen to a more low-rent piece of filth than you,you lowly vermin.


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