Monday, September 20, 2010

The Scott Parker Show

The Daily Mail say West Ham will need to stump up £12.5 to prise Kevin Gameiro from Lorient. This story is purely based on the Lorient club president saying that they will not sell the player for any less.

There is no evidence that West Ham are actually interested in the player. It seems The Daily Mail have just thrown West Ham's name into the headline of the story to try and making it interesting to English football fans. It certainly caught my attention but has hardly raised my estimation of The Daily Mail.

The Daily Mail do much better in their match report of the Stoke game. The report says West Ham is a one man team and without Scott Parker would be rudderless. They say West Ham dominated midfield because of Parker's 'probing and prodding' but that the club are lightweight up front.

West ham fans might want to argue that the team is more than a one man show but I don't think there are many who will knock the paper's praise for Parker or their assessment of our misfiring front line.

Sky news report that Scott Parker says West Ham were pleased to get a point from the Stoke game but that the club needs to start winning games.

"The way things were going there were a lot of people who wouldn't have thought we would have got a result at Stoke. We came away with a point and before the game we would have taken that if we are being brutally honest with ourselves.

"But we do need to start winning. We all know that in the Premier League you can have as much quality as you want, but you need a real desire to go and win.


At 12:28 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Daily Mail remain the absolute bottom of the barrel,gutter ,crude filth of the "journalism world",but they have such illustrious company as the Sun,Mirror ,Standard and other ill-informed scum.

Although Parker was/is obviously the talisman ,but it was not just one man who outplayed Stoke in the first 45. And to be fair ,Obinna has played only two games. So any idiot who condemns him at this stage is even dumber than he /she looks and sounds.

As for the misfiring front line, only Cole can really be faulted at this stage, not just for a lack of goals in 5 league games ,but for what at times is a lack of work rate. Cole just doesn't seem to get it- one reason Tevez is liked wherever he plays is that he works his socks off,not just for his goals. If Cole wants a move to Liverpool ,or to be in the England squad, or both,he best start putting in a shift. Because to date, he hasn't come anywhere near putting in the required effort. Not even close


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