Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Disarray at West Ham

The Daily Mail quote some comments by Carlton Cole expressing his dismay at West Ham's performance at Liverpool as an attack on Avram Grant's tactics. Cole's comments do suggest that he isn't happy with Grant's formation for the game.

"The game plan was for me to stay as the longest person away from everybody and try to hit me on the diagonal or something, but we weren’t even doing that, so that went out of the window and we didn’t have a Plan B.

"In the first 10 minutes we had lost the game, psychologically anyway. That was diabolical. We didn’t even turn up for this game.

"The first 10 minutes we dropped so deep. I can only remember one time when the ball came up to me and I kind of miscontrolled it, but we still retained possession, then I looked to my left and there was no-one attacking – there was nobody there at all.

"I think I had just one cross, apart from that I had nothing and as a striker, that’s starvation, that’s famine – what am I supposed to work on?

"When we changed to 4-4-2 in the second half, I felt more comfortable because someone was up there with me and I felt that we were starting to get on the ball a little more."

The Daily Express claims that the West Ham players are also upset with Gold and Sullivan. They claim that senior players at the club believe the owners have weakened the squad since they have arrived and that the players bought are not good enough for the Premier League.


At 6:22 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Regarding weakening the squad ,to claim that Gold and Sullivan did that is ludicrous. They held on to Cole,Parker,upson,noble,green and others who cud have been sold. they brought in Hitz ,who unfortunately is crocked. They brought in Obinna, who though lately has been below par,is very good when on form ,as well as Jacobsen,who is certainly a better right back than anyone else we've had in recent seasons .
In contrast ,what did teh Icelandics do? The idiots sold James Colins,teh single most bone-headed move in recent WH history. then they signed Kovac, a waste of space ,to a new contract,after taking a loss on Savio. Then they failed to re-sign Lucas Neill. So teh Daily Fail can shove up their cancer-ridden prostate.

As for Cole's comments,if he actually said what is alleged,then that is a conversation he shud have with Grant directly,not the media. That said,if what he said is true,it reflects very poorly on Grant ,yet again. We did improve when Barrera came on and when we chnaged the formation. But the point is that Grant gets paid to know BEFORE THE GAME what the right formation to play is ,not to figure it out at halftime when we are 3-0 down.

A manager has to know how to best use his playing resources- if he does not,then he forfeits teh right to manage

Bring in Martin O.Neill on a short term deal . End of. That is what is required to keep this club in the Premiership.

At 6:25 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Cole Can only remember one time when he miscontrolled it - Where was his head the rest of the match and season then?

Recalling a time he controlled it well must surley be a harder task for him, I know it is for me.

Fucking waste of space.

At 10:48 PM, Anonymous Apartments Nerja said...

Martin O'Neill will never come to us unfortunately! :( I say give Pards or Curbs another go, at least they know what our club is all about!

At 10:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Apartments nerja: could not agree with you more for me it would have to be Pardew.
We do need change and it needs to be now.
Ok we have been a little unlucky with injurys but the players brought in are just not good enough.
I live near scunthorpe and can only get to home games when mates get me tickets/and when i can afford it not surprisingly i have seen more home matches and a couple of away games this year already then i did last year that tells you something does it not!!
I have been to see Scunthorpe a few times as well this year and i think grant needs to take the wasters in our squad to watch them although not the best team in that league one thing they do well is work for each other and never give up.
what a contrast to our team (noble and parker apart)
And yes i will be at the wigan game thanks for ticket Baz!!
bob the Hammer

At 11:52 AM, Anonymous Apartments Nerja said...

Yeah I remember before we signed curbs last time when O'Neill had just left Celtic, I was saying to mates that he would be a blinding capture for us! Look what he done at Villa, the guy is an immense manager!

Back to Pards.. I was honestly gutted he got the chop, more so than Zola, and much more so than Avrams inevitable scalping!

However, I say curbs, because I think he knows how to get us through this season! And hopefully keep us up!


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