Sunday, January 09, 2011

West Ham in the Sunday Papers

Yesterday West Ham Till I Die reported that Martin O'Neil was seen at the Boleyn. The Sunday Times are also reporting today that Martin O'Neill is on West Ham's radar. My feeling is that the lack of transfer funds available to any new manager will put off O'Neill.

The News of the World report that Karen Brady has written about how she pulled the plug on Sidwell's transfer to West Ham. She claimed that the owners believe that midfield is not an area that we need new players.

The NoW suggest that Avaram Grant's post match comments yesterday suggest he is far from happy at not having the final choice over the players he feels he needs. The NoW claim that the board will meet on Wednesday but have already taken the decision to fire Grant. However they do not yet have a replacement lined up.

The People and The Star say that West Ham are ready to offer Fat Sam a six month contract.


At 1:19 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why spend (what little) money you have on a player wanted by a manager you are going to sack a few days later - leave the money for the new Manager to spend as he requires

At 1:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

God we have someone at the top who seems to understand what is wrong at our club! good on you Ms Brady, why we are trying to buy a midfielder is beyond me.
The prority must be a goal scorer.
I would not object to big Sam (Short Term!!)he would sort the slackers out with his no nonsense attitude he would give us a fighting chance of staying up.
Bob The Hammer

At 6:17 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Precisely- there is no point in buying ANY player when there is a question over who the manager will be next week. And quite frankly, given our poor league position,Grant is in no position to be making demands or expecting any favors.

As for the question of midfield,I agree that this shud not be the priority. Surely a left back,and a goal scorer come first. IF,and it is a very big IF, there is then money left over afterwards,THEN and ONLY THEN wud it make sense to consider a mifielder. Why? Because if either Noble or Parker become unavailable,then we are stuck with Kovac,who is not up to snuff. Spector has done well in midfield, but funds permitting,once left back and a striker are sorted,then perhaps we shud sort out cover for central midfield.

IF we can sell Behrami. And IF we can sell Kovac,perhaps it wud make sense to bring in a central midfielder as cover for Parker/Noble

It speaks volumes about Grant's lack of judgement that he was keen to make his first signing in this window a central midfielder,when clearly we desperately need help at the fullback position as well up front. Of Grant's buys or loan signings from the previous window,only Piquionne and Jacobsen have worked out,and even Piq has not been consistent. Reid,Barrera and Obinna have not added much and obviously Hitz has not had the chance. But having said that ,why did we pursue a 30 year old ex-German international at the tail end of his career ,when someone like Tiote was available ,a young player performing very well for Newcastle now.

Give West Ham Til I Fry a rest. Anyone interested in that can access it themselves without you needing to give further unwarranted publicity to a piece of filth like Inane Duncedale

At 7:56 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

hitz is only 28 and trust me he will come good

At 8:52 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry but there is no way in the world that O'neill will work with Sullivan and Gold.
FACT get over it.
At the moment even The Special One would not keep us up.
Only sensible option is for Hughton to do what he did for Newcastle and rebuild us in the Championship.
Judging by at least the first half on Saturday, we could start enjoying our trips to the Boleyn again when we do go down.
The alternative would be another year of purgatory in the Premiership.
John V P


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