Thursday, February 17, 2011

Hearn Moans About the Olympics Stadium

Most of the West Ham related news today concerns Barry Hearn's complaints that despite Leyton Orient not putting in a bid for the Olympic Stadium they really don't want it to be used by anyone else.

So instead of news about West Ham today I shall use this space to post a holiday snap.

A few people asked in the comments where I was last week. Whilst West Ham were being trounced by Birmingham I was happily skiing in the Alps. I did manage to catch the West Brom performance on Match of the Day (whilst stopping over in Geneva).

It is a bit depressing having to swap gorgeous Alpine views (not a cloud all week) for the grey slate Victorian skies of London again but I have returned with a new sense of optimism and am now hoping that a win in the FA Cup next week will spur West Ham on to a run of victories in the league.


At 12:29 PM, Blogger Andy Harding said...

Barry hearne should give back all the gate money given over the turnstiles by local west ham fans who for 50 years or more popped along to watch the O's if they couldnt do the west ham away trip, just to watch a bit of saturday football, how the hell is charging kids a fiver to watch a west ham game going to affect orient? if they were going to support orient they would turn up at the shitty little ground every week and watch lower league stuff, you cant steal fans thats not how it works, what a numpty.

At 1:00 PM, Anonymous robohammer said...

Nice view from your holiday. I assume you were nearer the touchline at OS than a seat at the back of the stadium.


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