Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Upson Won't Miss Season

You have to love hate The Daily Mail. Today the newspaper says that,

"some reports suggested the England man (Matthew Upson) would play no further part in the Hammers' battle to avoid relegation."

In fact the only newspaper that I saw that said Matthew Upson would miss the rest of the season was The Daily Mail. So The Daily Mail fresh from printing an exclusive report that West Ham's captain was out for the season are now exclusively able to reveal that he isn't.

According to The Mail Upson will return to training this week. The newspaper even has the cheek to quote Upson's obvious frustration at The Mail's own lies,

'My mum rang me and said "Thanks for telling me you're out" and said she'd read in the papers that I was out for the season.

'I said "that`s news to me". I've had a problem and it's been a bit complicated. I've had several different diagnoses which is always frustrating because, as an athlete, you have to choose what is right and wrong which is not easy.

'We're in the process of sorting it out and I personally feel like I could be training very soon - possibly the end of the week. That's a lot different to being out for the rest of the season.'


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