Friday, April 29, 2011

Sullivan Attacks Spoit Players

Danny Gabbidon has followed Carlton Cole by being charged by the FA with improper conduct over his clever use of Twitter. Gabbidon Tweeted 'F##k the lot of you' after the defeat against Villa.

The Mail report that Swindon want Wally Downes to replace sacked manager Paul Hart.

The Mail also report on David Sullivan's remarks yesterday about the consequence of West Ham being relegated,

"There would be a £40million hole in our cash flow, which would have to be met by myself and David Gold.

"There would have to be a dramatic change in players coming and going as we could only keep those who are committed to the club and willing to play in the Championship.

"We would also be totally committed to getting promoted immediately."

In The Telegraph Sullivan lays into the spoilt players at West Ham, taking a particular dig at those leaving free transfers in the summer,

"I think some players are spoilt, I don’t say just with our players, I’m saying with all clubs. How do you motivate millionaires? It's a problem all managers have.

"Alex Ferguson has got that fear factor and I do think that a manager needs that fear factor. You look at Alex Ferguson, Arsène Wenger and Jose Mourinho. The players are a little bit frightened of them.

"But I’m sure a few of the players are already looking at where they will be next season — their contracts are up, they’ll be off.

"It means the manager might have a hard decision to make if we go into the last game of the season needing a win to stay up — do you trust the fate of the club to them or do you make the decision that you will not play those players?

"It’s a very difficult decision. Do you go for players who are committed to the club? If you look at that last game and someone is on a Bosman, will that player risk injury? Some will, some won’t. It depends on the mentality of the player."


At 7:05 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sullivan is right that certain players have been conducting themselves as if they are not really that bothered because if we go down they will be off, and in certain cases,even if we stay up,they will be off as their contracts are up or nearly up.

He's also right that with the benefit of hindsight,Grant is too soft a manager. The club needed a much stronger,nastier manager to survive this season. We are paying the price for not replacing Grant when we had the chance with someone who commanded more respect, who would not tolerate the nonsense that our players have engaged in both on and off the pitch

At 7:58 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Suck on it Sheffield United ,you bunch of lowlife filth. And go get yourself a terminal illness Chris Morgan,yoy miserable failure of a human being.

You don't like it? Then do something about it ,thug.
07768 899606 . eagerly awaiting your call so I can prosecute your tired ,timewasting rear,


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