Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Spurs Win Legal Review - Updated

Spurs have won their High Court judicial review into the awarding of the Olympic Stadium to West Ham. This means a full hearing could begin on 18 October.

The essence of Spurs' complaint is that by receiving a loan from Newham Council West Ham are receiving illegal state aid. Spurs are using this legal route to try and blackmail the office of London Mayor Boris Johnson into giving them public funding for a new stadium in north London.

The BBC report that Spurs are close to achieving their aim of getting public funding and they are then likely to withdraw their legal challenge over the Olympic Stadium.

If Spurs do get tax payers' money to build a new stadium it would be ironic if someone was then to take that decision to the courts - especially as they have been arguing for over a year that state support is illegal.

West Ham tonight released a statement saying that,

"In response to media inquiries, we can confirm that West Ham today received a document from Tottenham asking us to give up our claims against them in relation to the above (the unlawful acquisition of bank and telephone records belonging to senior executives at the club and the OPLC), in return for Tottenham withdrawing their judicial review proceedings. West Ham naturally refused."

"We are advised that if found guilty of these crimes, those responsible can expect to receive custodial sentences. We have full faith in the police investigation into this matter and shall continue to provide the fullest of assistance to them."


At 2:58 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Snottspur can go funk off. We will see your tired carcasses in court ,and embarrass you (again).

Levy- what a total loser. That guy ,even with his banK account ,couldn't get drunk in a brewery or laid in a brothel. Inept MISFIT


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