Sunday, September 25, 2011

Man Mountain Abdoulaye Faye

Sam Allardyce says that he will quit if West Ham don't get promoted back to the Premier League.

"I thrive under pressure and I said when I came here if I don’t deliver promotion in two seasons I expect to get sacked. In fact, co-owners David Sullivan and David Gold won’t have to sack me ­because I’d tender my ­resignation and say its right to part company anyway."

After yesterday's match Allardyce was also full of praise for Abdoulaye Faye (and himself),

"Our defence is starting to look solid and that's all because of a man mountain called Abdoulaye Faye. He's the coolest dude you have ever met in your life.

"You see him lumbering along but he always gets there. He's cool, he wins headers, gets into position, nullifies the opponents and, in terms of being a calming influence, he's very experienced - thanks to being lucky that I brought him to the Premier League many years ago. He has a lot to thank me for, which I keep reminding him."


At 10:42 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Faye was excellent Saturday. Time and again he snuffed out the opposition at the critical moment. Tomkins and Ried can only get better playing with him,as opposed to the unreliable Upson


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