Monday, September 12, 2011

Selection Problems for Allardyce

In Sam Allardyce's Manager on Monday post on the official West Ham website Big Sam discusses his enviable selection problems,

"We have a good squad and more players to come in. We have got to get them fitter and some of the players are going to be disappointed now as they won't even make the bench. I will have to handle that in the right way but all the players will get used over the course of the 46 games."

"Henri has set the bar high so I will be saying to him that I expect at least that every week! We are happy to be able to have got him on loan from Arsenal. David Bentley also showed his ability when he came on and that kind of experience is going to be important for us in being able to change personnel and systems whenever the need be.

"Guy and Papa are a couple of weeks away and will have hard intensive training and some matches behind closed doors to get their fitness up. David Bentley will also benefit, while John Carew only got two substitute appearances with the national side."


At 3:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nice problem to have. A lot better than being infested with moaning fundmantalists who sulk about how hard done by they are,and then commit acts of terrorism . Or burn flags like useless ,unemployable filth. And don't even have the balls to leave faces uncovered when they commit these horrible acts. Pathetic. Even more pathetic than Spurs and Millwall combined.

At 4:32 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Weird EDL rubbish!!

At 11:35 PM, Anonymous Paul said...

The strength of the squad is better than usual. A second XI would probably have Boffin in goal; Jordans Brown and Spence at FB, Faye and Demel at CB; Diop, Bentley and Collison in the centre of midfield, Faubert or Sears down the right; with any one of Carew, Piquionne or Baldock up front. My only concern is the left. With Barrera and Stanislas gone there's no obvious replacement for Tayor if he gets injured. Maybe Sears out of position or Collison out of position with Sears in the middle.

Overall a decent squad, which makes a pleasant change from last season, and the couple before that.

3:31 Anon needs to find an EDL forum. I don't want to turn Hammered! in to a political forum, I'm just glad that militant Islam is a view held by very few people, like it's mirror image but moral equivalent, the EDL and Islamophobia

At 9:11 PM, Anonymous martel said...

Thank God I can't see into the cesspit you probably call a brain,but will you please take your poisonous ravings somewhere else and let us football fans get on with it!


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