Thursday, September 01, 2011

A Good Transfer Window for West Ham

When West Ham were relegated I suspect most fans expected that the club would off-load Upson, Parker, Cole and Green. It is something of a success then to have come through the transfer window having retained Cole and Green.

Matthew Upson had made his intentions to move on pretty clear early last season by refusing to sign a new contract so it was almost inevitable that he would leave the club. Scott Parker is the obvious big loss to the club during this window but that aside I think we have actually entered the new season with a stronger squad.

The departures of Hines and Stanilas are a disappointment but if the club had to offload some of the home grown talent I'm glad it was Hines and Stanislas rather than Noble, Tomkins or Collison.

Nolan and Taylor already seem to have strengthened the West Ham first eleven and the capture on loan of David Bentley means that West Ham for the first time in a few seasons look to have a very balanced team with good crossers of the ball on both wings.

McCartney has been a great buy, particularly as Ilunga made a number of costly mistakes in West Ham's opening games. With the addition of Guy Demel, Henri Lansbury, Sam Baldock and Papa Bouba Diop West Ham now have a number of options in most positions.

Overall then it has been a good transfer window for West Ham and we seem to have emerged from relegation with a stronger rather than a weakened team.


At 12:28 PM, Anonymous Ricky P said...

Big Sam and The Chairmen have done good business..

Keeping Robert Green is a major boost.

Now its time to take this league by the scruff of its neck and be ruthless is marching towards the premiership..

At 1:33 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Imagine crossing the ball in to the following;


With such good crossers now, Taylor and Bentley (in fact they would be up there with the best IMO) then we look a real threat from set pieces.

Ive warmed to BFS - Was a little unsure but this team could EASILY compete in the PREMIER.

Bring it home lads.


At 4:12 PM, Anonymous Robohammer said...

Don't forget Faubert. His crossing and workrate this season make it seem like we have a new speedy winger, his original position I believe. Bently will not be a shoe in on the right I suspect. BFS square pegs in sqare holes works.

At 4:41 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Agree that the club has done extraordinarily well ,and that this squad wud perform reasonably well in the PL right here,right now. In fact ,i wud hope that we have a serious run in the FA cup as well given the talent in this group. In all honesty ,we really won't miss many who have gone- of the lot,only Demba Ba and Parker would have really made a difference. Even the so-called younger talent that we let go neverreally looked like cracking on.

This is a serious manager backed by a serious group of players ,as opposed to three ring circus of recent circus. And it is no wonder that Faubert is playing so much better in this environment. Tells u all u need to know about Allardyce compared to the previous jokers.

Nobody apart from Green ,and Nolan as captain,are assured a starting spot. And that can only be a good thing. Anyone who is lazy or uninterested will be summarily hauled off to sit his arse on the pine for a long time. I don't envision too many players risking that under Allardyce.

It's about time. This club has needed this for a decade or more now

At 10:24 PM, Blogger Keir Clarke said...

Oh - Demba Ba. Completely forgot about him. Big loss.

Saw a little of Lansbury tonight in the England u21 game (only caught the last 15 mins). He looks like he's got a lot of talent. Man of the Match I think.

At 9:15 AM, Anonymous MattyG said...

pity it is only a loan deal for lansbury..... although with arsenals midfield, i cannot see where he would fit in, if he was in the mix for a first team start, this year would have been it as they have a depleted midfield.

Overall a good transfer window, still unsure of some of the signings, Carew, Diop, Bentley etc, but they certainly could make good squad players, and hopefully they can play some good football for us and in some cases (Bentley) get their careers back on track. As someone mentioned above, Bentley is no shoe in on the right as I think that Faubert is playing some very good football, i just think it is sad that now he is playing in his right position, he wants to leave, but then who could blame him after how he has been treated over the last two years!!!

Lets look at hopefully some exciting times ahead, and remember, we still have the Loan window to get anymore players we possibly need.........


At 2:49 AM, Blogger Eddie 21 said...

Up the Hammers!


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