Friday, March 24, 2006

Repka News have an interview with Tomas Repka in which he talks about his time at West Ham. He explains his early difficulties,

"I didn't want to move to London at all as I was fully satisfied in Florence. Our son was born there and Serie A was considered stronger than the Premier League five years ago. I felt it was like a regression when Fiorentina sold me to ease their financial troubles. So I was sulky in London, I even refused to learn English, only speaking with my Italian team-mate Paolo Di Canio. I was het up and played regardless and was booked 14 times and sent off twice during the first season."

Repka also talks about his decision to leave the Hammers,

"There were family reasons to go back. But I also felt that I was unable to give more to the side and I needed a change. As I have said, I like a challenge."


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