Tuesday, September 12, 2006

UEFA Attack West Ham

Uefa's president Lennart Johansson has attacked the precedent he sees West Ham setting with the deals involving Tevez and Mascherano. He claims that only clubs should be allowed to own players,

"We know what's going on and this West Ham case illustrates the problems. We have to do something to make the authorities aware of what's happening and I hope they do something."

Which obvioulsy begs the question of who are the 'authorities' if not UEFA? Johansson continues,

"Take illegal betting. If two clubs in the same competition are owned by the same person through 'daughter companies' then you know how much money they can earn through betting. I am also not happy with individuals or agencies owning players and we are doing our utmost to change the system.

For me, it also increases the risk of illegal betting when an individual owns a player."


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