Monday, September 04, 2006

West Ham Pair Vs Brazil

Tevez and Mascherano both featured for Agrentina against Brazil but both the West Ham players were substituted before the end (Mascherano at half-time). Macherano played a Hayden Mullins defensive midfielder role, playing deep and mopping in midfield. He looked a tidy player but unfortunately his biggest impact was to stand and watch a soft pass roll past him allowing the Brazillians to attack the box almost undefended.

Tevez had a fiery game and I can't see him having any problems adapting to the physical nature of the English game. His partnership up front with Messi was fairly unsuccessful, both players being too similar of stature and style but I think he will work well with a stronger, taller striker like Harewood or Ashton.

The Times:

"Tévez gave Lucio a testing afternoon. He forced the defender to concede a corner when he almost outpaced him and was unfortunate not to win a free kick when the same player seemed to impede him. He also demonstrated good acceleration to nip past Juan, the other central defender, in the penalty area before winning a corner, and overcame his lack of inches to rise above Gilberto to deliver a firm header that was well saved by Gomes, the goalkeeper.

At 22, Tévez could be said to have the impetuosity of youth, but Mascherano is the same age and he patrolled the Argentina midfield with a restraint and maturity that helped to explain his moniker of “The Chief”. An undemonstrative player, he mopped up loose balls and rarely attempted anything more ambitious than a ten-yard pass."

The Telegraph:

"If Tevez plays in permanent tempest then Mascherano is serene. Joorabchian believes Mascherano is "remarkable for being tactically and technically perfect at 22". You could see where he was coming from with his clever positioning and patient distribution from his holding midfield role.

No player touched the ball more often in the first half it was just a shame his contribution was attenuated by a half-time substitution."

The Guardian:

"The principal English interest in things Argentinian yesterday lay with the new West Ham signings, Carlos Tévez and Javier Mascherano, both of whom were substituted after fitful performances. At least Tévez showed plenty of his natural aggression and was as much a threat near goal as anyone else in a ring-rusty attack. Mascherano merely completed 45 minutes of sentry duty in front of the back four before being replaced by Walter Samuel after half-time.

Mascherano was ineffective before being withdrawn at half-time, Tévez was frustrated by close marking that stuck with him all afternoon."


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