Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Tevez And Mascherano Going Nowhere

Eggert Magnusson, whilst criticising the way in which Tevez and Mascherano were signed, has said that the two players are staying at West Ham until the end of the season,

"I have seen them play with Argentina and they're good. Tevez has shown what he's made of and I just hope they start to show us what they can really do.

I cannot comment on whether the arrival of the Argentinians is the reason for the problems on the pitch this season. I would never have done a contract like that - but now they are here they won't be leaving in the transfer window."

This news will obviously displease the players' owners who have been claiming that FIFA would allow Mascherano to leave, despite rules not allowing players to play for more than two clubs in twelve months. It also remains to be seen how much the two Argentinians feature in Curbishley's plans. Tevez was dropped to the bench for the manager's first West Ham team and Mascherano wasn't even picked in the full squad. Will Magnusson want to continue paying their reportedly very high wages if they have no part in Curbishley's plans for the team.


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