Thursday, July 12, 2007

League Warning

As I mentioned in an earlier post I have been a bit surprised today with the reports that the League have warned West Ham they face sanctions if they let Tevez just walk away. This seems like very old news, but the media are jumping all over it.

The Guardian however have printed this quote from a 'league spokesman' that seem to shed more light on the matter,

"We are satisfied the agreement between West Ham and MSI no longer exists. Joorabchian says it does. The only way MSI can proceed is to sue West Ham for breach of contract."

This sounds very much like the league are actually encouraging MSI to sue West Ham, which is pretty outrageous. There have been calls for the Premier League to act as an arbitrator in this matter. They obviously feel if they become involved they will be criticised by the rent-a-mouths at Wigan and Sheffield United so are abdicating all responsibility.

It seems a court case is inevitable now.

(The Blades are in the High Court tomorrow in their appeal against justice)


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