Wednesday, July 11, 2007

West Ham Still Looking

Sky Sports claim that West Ham are still in the market for another striker. I missed the interview on Sky Sports News but the website quotes Alan Curbishley as saying,

"We're still in the market if we feel that there's a player out there that can improve us."

There isn't a direct mention of a striker there and it strikes me as more of a statement that we might buy if we feel the player is right but are not desperate to sign. The other quote from Curbishley on the site,

"I think in some respects ... people would like to see us run before we can crawl, let alone walk before we can crawl - perhaps that's the perception of us at the moment",

actually seems to be an attempt to tamper the expectations of some West Ham fans who still expect West Ham to sign Ronaldinho before the transfer window closes (although I have just read he has a £89million buy out clause, so might be worth a punt).


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