Friday, August 10, 2007

Geordie Spin on Dyer Transfer Collapse

Toon chairman Chris Mort has repeated Fat Sam's spin on their attempt to scam West Ham out of a couple of extra million pounds. Yesterday he claimed,

"We got very uncomfortable with the way they (West Ham) were conducting negotiations and some of the things going on about the deal we wanted to change from our perspective.

"They were not prepared to match the valuation we put on him."

This argument that West Ham were not prepared to match Newcastle's evaluation of Dyer is consistent with Fat Sam's statements on this matter. It is a crazy argument as they inflated their own evaluation of the player by 25% after having already agreed a price.

The continuing attempt to blame West Ham after Mort himself ballsed up the chance to get rid of a troublesome player only makes the Newcastle chairman appear even more incompetent.


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