Tuesday, August 28, 2007

McAvennie Says Curbs Needs Results

West Ham legend Frank McAvennie, in an interview with The Daily Express, has warned Alan Curbishley that if he doesn't get results then he won't last long as manager,

“One thing about Mr Magnusson is that he is ruthless. If he doesn’t get results, then he will get someone else in. I did think Curbishley was the right man for the job but I don’t know how long he can last if he doesn’t get results.”

And to get the results McAvennie says West Ham need another striker,

"Dean Ashton is nowhere near ready to return. I watched him against Wigan on Saturday and as soon as he came on the park everyone looked jumpy. They are scared of losing him again, so I would like to see them go out and buy a striker.

“They need a partner for Bellamy because Bobby is still wanting that extra touch. You just don’t get two touches inside the 18-yard box in this league.

“No disrespect to Bobby, but if he’s not doing it now then he’s never going to do it. If Ashton’s fit then fine but he’s months away.

“I would rather keep Ashton out until he is ready than risk him and then he’s out for another year.”


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