Thursday, September 27, 2007

West Ham Under Attack Again

Birmingham City co-owner David Sullivan has launched a scathing attack on West Ham's board in today's Guardian. Sullivan owns a small percentage of West Ham, so he may have some inside knowledge of the club's financial dealings, which he claims are out of control,

"I could see a scenario where the Icelanders, in two years' time or 18 months, making no money out of West Ham having cocked it up, they might want to walk away.

They might want to say to me, 'Come and buy half the club and make it work for us,' because they have done some appalling things at West Ham. The wages they are paying both to staff and players - I cannot see how the business model works. And they have done it as an investment, no other reason."

Or, Sullivan, who is desperate to find another club as he eases himself out of Birmingham, might just be living in cloud cuckoo land. After all I can see a scenario where the Icelanders come to me and ask me to brush off my boots because the club is in desperate need of a new forty something striker to replace Teddy Sheringham.


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