Thursday, October 25, 2007

Eggy Backs American Football

Talking to Sky Sports News Eggert Magnusson says that playing a competitive Premier League game in the USA would be 'good for the game'. The NFL plays the first regular season game away from North America (presumably that is why there is a game of crap football at Wembley this Sunday). Arsenal's American shareholder Stan Kroenkeagreed agreed, saying,

"I think there is a reasonable chance it could take place in the future."

I can't see this decision being very popular with season ticket holders. I have no problem with pre-season friendlies being held in America but what possible benefit could come from playing a competitive game there? The only outcome would be to alienate the fans of the clubs involved.


At 2:31 PM, Anonymous Paul said...

I'm a life long Hammers fan in Florida.

Playing a competitive match in the US was suggested not long after the NFL decided to play in London.

There was concern that a competitive match would alienate season ticket holders and the suggestions were to play the Community shield game here as it involves two of the "Big four"

There was also the suggestion that a game played in New York would be well attended by English supporters based in the US and also from England - in view of their love to travel in support of their team (and the current exchange rate!!!).

The biggest concern raised was was how to police the game!


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