Sunday, February 24, 2008

Boa Morte & Sears on Life at West Ham

There is little gossip in the papers today concerning West Ham.

Freddie Sears spoke to WHUTV about his hopes of breaking into the first team this season or gaining some experience on loan,

"It is great playing with Premiership players like Bobby Zamora," Sears said. "I played with Craig Bellamy at the start of the season and they both talk to you and really help your game. It is better, they really help you out.

"I am a West Ham fan. It would be great to run out to the fans. It would just be unbelievable."

"I have just got to keep getting noticed. I am on the fringes at the minute. I just need a chance or if not then maybe I will get some first-team experience somewhere else. It is going good so I have just got to hope for the best really. You have got to come into the reserves and score goals, just like I have been doing in the Under-18s."

Yesterday The Independent carried an interview with Boa Morte. Boa Morte says he is worried about his lack of goals for West Ham,

"It's been one of my most difficult periods in football since I came to West Ham," he says. "But I'm always able and ready and up for the fight, you know, I'm not going to turn my back away.

"We are in a better position as a club this season, so of course I feel better. Personally I just need to score one or two goals to get the thing going because I have been putting in the hard work to get back from my hamstring injury but it is just the scoring bit that hasn't come along. It's been my fault because I have had a few chances, so I'll keep working hard."

Reflecting upon his misses against Liverpool, he adds: "The first one probably was the easiest one to hit the target, but my body was in the wrong position. The second one – I didn't really expect the ball to come to me.

"But I will take the blame. That's a side of football that exists, and we are here to take that. My back is big enough to take the boos for missing chances. But it is not big enough to take the boos for not working hard. That I won't take from the West Ham supporters or any other person. If someone says that, I won't turn my face away."

"Whatever people think of me, my way to be on the pitch is my way and I'm not going to change. My way to be in football is working hard and fighting, because whatever I have got in life in these days, it's because I did work hard and fight for it.


At 11:55 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

fair play boa, keep plugging away and the goals will come and we can see you work hard ! just enjoy your football and the rest will take care of its self

At 2:31 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

although he has struggled with the final ball at times,boa morte does get into scoring positions frequently,or create chances for others. i also think he happens to work well with cole- cole looked very lively at craven cottage and the presence of boa morte had something to do with that .

i agree with the response that goals will come from boa only criticism of the player wud be
an inconsistency in work -rate at times. but the player is 100 per cent correct in saying that the booing is unacceptable. the booing is also counter-productive.


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