Sunday, February 10, 2008

West Ham to Appeal Bowyer Red

Alan Curbishley has said that West Ham will appeal Lee Bowyer's red card,

"We have asked (the referee) to look at it and I think he will," Curbishley said. "Hopefully he will overturn it because when it happened I didn't think it was that serious. The referee on the spot sees it a little differently. If he is suspended it will be a bit tough."

The West Ham manager was also upset with the referee's giving of a penalty,

"I can't even see an arm around McFadden. I was really surprised when the referee gave it. We have seen it and we don't think it is a penalty at all."


At 3:40 PM, Blogger portugal said...

the penalty decision looked slightly harsh at the time, as it seemed more like an obstruction ,rather than neill pulling the player down . but to a certain extent neill made his bed in the first half of the season and now has to lie in it. he got away with a lot of shirt pulling and pushing inside the box earlier in the season, but from the spurs game onwards ,referees ,perhaps justifiably ,have been less generous with him. neill perhaps has developed a reputation for this sort of thing,and as such referees are less likely to give him the benefit of the doubt. a worry is that mcfadden went down easily and was rewarded ,which may tempt other teams to target neill in the same fashion.

At 9:13 PM, Anonymous Chris said...

Neill is just too slow to cover anyone with speed and a left foot. All the tugging he does is to compensate for him getting consistently beat to the outside. His passing has been piss poor for the most part, and his crosses hang longer my laundry. He started the season off strong, but I think we should be looking for his replacement as the summer approaches. Actually, Pantsil is back and I'd rather see his pace on the right and hope that he doesn't overplay an attacker and give one up.

At 9:28 PM, Blogger portugal said...

i agree chris that neill has been below par almost all season. i m just surprised that it s turned out this way,because in the run-in last year he was so vital. he does seem to get beaten for pace consistently this year ,which was not the case last season. i think pantsil definitely has something to contribute ,but i think he s more effective as a wide midfielder for us than as a right back,unfortunately. pantsil is skilled and athletic, but he just has not looked comfortable in the past when he s played right back for us. no question though that the right back position needs to be dealt with ahead of next season
we have lacked width on the right this term,and part of that is down to neill. the shame of it is that when neill plays to his potential ,he is excellent-we just haven t seen it this season. perhaps the responsibility of being captain hasn t done him any favors


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