Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Joorabchian Still Trying to Screw West Ham

West Ham have responded to last week's claims by Joorabchian that West Ham owe him £7 million in unpaid fees. Joorabchian says that his lawyers will lodge a claim at the court today seeking an outstanding sum of £4.5 million, plus a further £2.6 million which, he alleges, was due to be paid to him by West Ham on Jan 31.

Jooorabchian claims he has documentary and taped evidence for his claims. This is a familiar claim from the greasy little chancer. In the summer he tried to claim he had a signed contract from West Ham for Tevez's services which turned out to be a contract that he had had written up and which had never been signed.

With the FA due to rule on Sheffield Utd's appeal next month and with a Premier League chairmen's meeting tomorrow expected to prohibit the third party ownership of players this seems a desperate measure by Joorabchian to try and screw some more money out of football before his business is swept from under his feet.

A West Ham spokesperson responded to Joorabchian's allegations by saying,

"We have been aware of this claim from Mr Joorabchian for some time ... there is no substance to it and, if necessary, we will defend our position in court."

According to The Telegraph Joorabchian believes he is owed £4.5 million from promises made by the club's former chairman, Terry Brown, and managing director, Paul Aldridge. He also believes he is owed £2.6 million because of a verbal agreement he had with Eggert Magnusson.

Now I'm pretty certain I had a verbal agreement with the oily little tyke for him to pay off my mortgage.


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