Sunday, February 03, 2008

West Ham Can Get Bigger

Alan Curbishley talking on Sky's Goals on Sunday says that West Ham can grow as a club.

"I didn't realise how big West Ham was until I got inside it. I obviously played there and managed against them but until I actually got to the club I didn't realise how big it was.

"It's a big club and we feel we can become bigger. There's plans for a new stadium and for us to push on but obviously we've got to lay the foundations for that to happen.

"We have 35,000 capacity and we've got 8,000 waiting list for season tickets, we know we can attract more fans and if we move a couple of miles into Canning Town near the olympic stadium in Stratford then once the infrastructure goes in we can attract 60,000.

"That's the plan and if we can do that then we might be able to push on and become a bigger club."


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