Sunday, February 03, 2008

Wigan vs West Ham - The Reviews

Unsurprisingly most of the papers single out the state of the pitch as one of the biggest contributors to this game but even so most of the papers were unimpressed with West Ham's performance.The general consensus being that Wigan's midfield were quicker and harder to the ball.

The Daily Express say that chances 'were at a premium on a ploughed field of a pitch'. Whilst The Daily Mail claim that "West Ham struggled to get going" in this match as 'both sides struggled to string a couple of passes together on a dreadful pitch.' They say that if Bellamy had scored then it would have been an 'undeserved point'.

The Daily Telegraph say that "there was a sense right from the kick-off that it would be Wigan's day with the Honduran Wilson Palacios and the irritable Michael Brown snapping into tackles in the centre of midfield." After Wigan scored "the visitors' response was negligible."

The Times agree that West Ham were "never given an inch to play in the face of a committed Wigan team."

The Guardian tries hard to be fair to both teams saying that "the general tempo and quality of the game in such difficult conditions was a credit to both teams." Whilst The Independent takes the opposing view that "the action was forgettable."


At 11:53 AM, Blogger portugal said...

although it would have nice for bellamy to take a chance that you would normally expect him to, in all honesty a draw probably would have been harsh on wigan ,given that valencia s shot hit both posts,and that bent really should have scored near the end. we were not at our best ,even if the pitch didn t help,and given that the opposition are fighting for premiership survival,can t really complain about the fairness of the result.

At 12:37 PM, Anonymous charlie bubbles said...

i blame curbs i was there and the nly two players who loked like doing anything were cole and noblewhich he replaced cole the first was replaced by bellamy when he was having a good game and winning balls in the air and generally being a pain for the wigan defence ashton was in all fairness S**t he is to overweight and barely touched the ball and deserved to be replaced also with not long to go we needed a goal and noble was threatening all the time and so curbs thought it would be a goo idea to replace hm with bowyer when mullins should have come off nothing against mullins but he is not an attacking player he should have had bowyer and noble in the middle with cole and bellamy up front and maybe we would have won i was sitting in the wigan end because my mate had some tickets from his work and the only noise coming out of there was me no offence wigan but you have a S**t ground and no fans!! cmon u irons!

At 12:51 PM, Blogger portugal said...

i wasn t at the match,but did watch on TV after the fact, and agree with charlie that it was puzzling to see Cole taken off, and not Ashton. if Ashton is not fully fit ,as is clearly the case, why play hom for 90 minutes? Again ,Ashton didn t contribute a lot,and got caught off-sides more than our other 2 strikers. i d prefer to see a pairing of cole and bellamy. i hope that curbishley does not bow to pressure to play ashton more than is warranted ,out of concern for ashton not making the england side. i also agree it was ashame to have noble taken off. i like bowyer s tenacity, but if we re a goal down i d prefer to see noble on the pitch ,as i think he offers a bit more creativity.


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