Sunday, March 09, 2008

West Ham Looking to Replace Curbs

The Guardian claim that West Ham are actively looking for a replacement for Alan Curbishley. The paper claims to have been told this by "a highly placed source at the club", although the story may be inspired by recent supporter unrest.

They quote their source as saying, 'Curbishley may get until the end of the season, but other candidates are being considered. And he is aware of his situation.' The Guardian seem to suggest that Curbishley is partly held to blame for the extravagant wages that players have been signed on in the last year. For example they claim Ljungberg was given a four year contract of £80,000 a week. These deals were why Eggert Magnusson was forced out of the club and Curbishley could pay the same price.

The Guardian say that Curbs is cutting a distant figure at West Ham and he is usually locked away in his office. They say his awkward relationship with the players is exemplified by his nearly blowing the signing of Matthew Upson. Apparently Curbishley had a go at Upson when he turned up to sign for the club because of the way the defender was dressed. Curbishley had to be reminded by Upson's agent that they had to come down to London in a hurry.

All this could of course be rubbish but it does not help the quickly diminishing reputation of the West Ham manager. Mind you such is the fickle nature of football fans that a win tomorrow and the last two performances will be more or less forgiven.


At 1:38 AM, Anonymous Canuck said...

Slaven Bilic for West Ham manager.

At 7:16 AM, Anonymous portugal said...

i think keir s comment that parts of the media are utilizing the fan unrest to create stories is accurate. it s not a coincidence that this type of story is surfacing now, as opposed to earlier in the season when results were better.

the media like to point to issues regarding the manager s relationship with players any time that things start to go wrong. one year later seems a bit unnecesary to be bringing up this alleged incident . regarding ljungberg s wages, that was a matter for the owners to ultimately decide on , and approve. ironically, in recent games ,the swede is one of the few who has contributed .

the interest in a foreign director of football to me was a sign many weeks ago that the owner was not fully behind curbishley.

i think regardless of what the media are saying, the real issue is the fan support. the longer it goes on that supporters are visibly unhappy, the more dangerous things become for curbishley. it s one thing for fans to be moaning about dull football,it s something different altogether when the results and performances begin to also be below par. you cud argue that mourinho had chelsea play dull football,but nobody cud complain about the end result.

i still maintain that,on the whole, curbishley has had a reasonable season considering the problems we ve had to cope with ,up until the chelsea game.
it s these last 2 fixtures, combined with curbishley s comments afterwards ,that have really undermined him. i cannot see him staying past may ,unless we finish with 55 points. and the number he needs to survive i think cud be more like 58 to 60. very very tall order at the moment. i think we re going to find out whether the manager has the support of the players ,or not, very clearly over these 10 fixtures to come. the guy is a very awkward spot,which seems harsh ,but it s the nature of the game now.

were there to be a change come may, i don t think bilic wud be a bad shout. i liked his attitude when he was presenting a game on sky recently.

At 8:32 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure about replacing curbs. Not convinced he is the best man for the job and never was. His relationships with the players has always been an issue.

The fact the Konchesky had to leave once Curbs arrived is evidence of a man who is difficult to get on with which saddens me.

What annoys me more is the constant bangin on about injuries. Yes we know you have had injuries but that is hardly surprising given that in the summer we bought straight out of the Newcastle treatment room.

Either way...yes we all know the problems....just get on with it.

Slaven could be a good shout....although strange political views aside Di Canio would be an entertaining choice at some point in the future!!

At 10:37 AM, Anonymous Coey said...

i do think if they are looking for a replacement it will come after europe when slaven bilic has done his job

bilic also plays attacking football, im just not sure how he will perform in club football its a whole different test.

At 10:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i agree that if it wasn t for di canio s politics,he cud be a decent choice. no shortage of passion ,and there d be no question about playing attacking football.

were curbishley not to remain coach after this season, perhaps stuart pearce shud be considered.
i think the rug was pulled out from under him a bit at man city-
you cud argue that the success sven is having there is due partly to a big chequebook. pearce has done well with the under 21 s, and again is not lacking in passion either for the sport or for west ham. i get the sense though,that the next manager will be a continental european ,not english,if curbishley goes.

At 11:32 AM, Anonymous Ian the Hammer said...

Feel a bit sorry for Curbs but his style of football now we have players coming back is what's letting him down. If we go 4-5-1 again against the Spuds & lose then he's no one to blame but himself. As for Di Canio's politics, he's entitled to them as the next person. I feel that as with most of us, we talk about the big picture but when it comes down to dealing with people/individual's he most certainly isn't racist & that wouldn't affect him being our manager. What would though is his complete lack of experience in that role.

At 11:40 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

with all due respect compared to last season im over the moon with our position in the league but in reality we are just a rich charlton athletic, curbishley fills me with no confidence he bores me and simply is the not the right man for the job yes we have had a ridiculous injury list but no club can match our credentials for youth production (sears, collison etc)get them in the first team we are not getting relegated we are not getting into europe so really whats the worsts that can happen? too many players have complained about him for THEM to be bad eggs its just not working,also"be realistic" whats realistic about getting smashed 4-0 two games in a row against one team we should have got a draw away from home and the other we BEAT at home!?!? this man is a small time clown. get bilic in now before someone else gets him!!!

At 1:35 PM, Anonymous Darren In Denmark said...

Well this post has really got people talking!.... To hear the 6000 travelling fans at anfield chanting "BORING BORING WEST HAM" was not i fear, the outcome of a disastourous couple of games, but the whole mentality that we have seemed to play with all this season. Sit back, and nick a goal if we can, (which at the moment seems near on impossible.) What happened to the west ham that attacked everything in the run in last season. I supported Curbs until recently.. I respect that he has got us to mid table, which to be honest with the players we have , should have been possible, even without a manager.
Theres NO flair., Do we have any play makers?. I say bring in Parker, Deano and Bobby Z. Let Sears and Collison sit on the bench, and Give them a half, atleast the will give it 150% if they get the chance to play.
Cole has been good for us this season, a good hold up player, but he has only scored 1 goal in the last 13 games!, thats a lot of minutes!
Its time for change, Give the fans what they want, atleast then Curbs can give us a bit of the responsabilty when the Spuds run Riot

At 2:45 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Give the fans what they want.

Di Canio!

Fascist salutes. After making a salute in a match against Juventus in December 2005, he was suspended for one game by the Italian Football Federation and fined 10,000 Euros. After criticism from politicians for his behaviour, he stated that he would,"always salute as I did yesterday because it gives me a sense of belonging to my people."

Di Canio initially refused to apologise for his actions and claimed that he did not intend to make a political statement. He insisted that he is free to communicate with his fans in whichever way he pleases, though the Italian constitution considers Fascist propaganda to be illegal. These events sparked a series of debates throughout the country, comparing the difference in the perception of the far right and left. Di Canio amended his earlier remarks and claimed that he is "a fascist, not a racist. The salute is aimed at my people. With the straight arm I don't want to incite violence and certainly not racial hatred."[3] He later denied ever having made that comment which was attributed to his lawyer.

Thank goodness the club is owned by Björgólfur Guðmundsson.


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