Thursday, March 06, 2008

Upson Looking Doubtful for West Ham

Matthew Upson is a major doubt for Sunday's game, after being substituted last night with a calf strain.

"If he's out, Gabbidon and Collins are still out but we've just got to get on with it," said Alan Curbishley.

"James Tomkins is also injured - he got injured in the last reserve game so we are stretched again but it's only how we've been all season. John Spector - if he has to go in there - has done well before."

I think the defence will struggle without him. Maybe we can play six across midfield and no forwards.


At 4:47 PM, Anonymous portugal said...

i agree- we have our work cut for us . we wud have anyway ,but now even more so. given that solano can play fullback as well midfield ,perhaps thought shud be given to him playing right back and moving neill to center back. not ideal, especially given neill s form at the moment, but altho spector works hard ,i m not sure if he ll be able to cope with berbatov.

the real danger is Upson is out beyond the Spurs match-if so ,then the season is in jeopardy of becoming completely unhinged.

on teh subject of gabbidon, he seems to have been out an eternity. as with zamora, at the initial time of the injury ,it didn t seem that bad. yet its been months. very worrying.

won t do us any good now, but maybe that initial enquiry into wes brown shdu be stepped up over the summer. i didn t think this wud happen this term, but we look very vulnerable at the back all of the sudden.

At 1:53 PM, Anonymous Chris in NYC said...

I heard Curbs is playing a 4-2-4 this weekend. The 2 being defensive midfielders, and 4 being "attacking" midfielders.


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