Monday, March 03, 2008

West Ham's Striker Statistics

With West Ham's goal scoring difficulties at the moment I thought it might be interesting to look at the ratio of goals players have scored to the number of minutes they have played.

Here are this season's results (minus Zamora whose stats I couldn't find):

Ashton 1 goal every 222.2 minutes
Bowyer 1 goal every 253.23 minutes
Bellamy 1 goal every 264 minutes
Etherington 1 goal every 451.66 minutes
Cole 1 goal every 487 minutes
Ferdinand 1 goal every 543.5 minutes

Ashton is the most prolific scorer but not that far ahead of Bowyer who is by far our most prolific midfield player. Cole averages a goal every 5 and half games.

Obviously Sears is playing at a completely different level but with more than a goal a game this season he must come in at about a goal every 80 minutes.


At 9:43 PM, Anonymous portugal said...

i d be curious to know who the two leaders in assists are.

At 9:58 PM, Anonymous greendressinDUBLIN said...

would you like to see him eased into competition by bringing him on for the last 10 minutes, then the last 20 minutes and so and and so forth until he builds up the athleticism and experience necessary to serve in the first team?

there is a big difference playing for the under 21 and playing on the first team. is he really ready for what you propose?

regarding the rekindled ashton vs. cole argument, there just has to be better than ashton. he needs to prove that he cares and that is is ambitious and still motivated.

west ham needs a first rate striker; this is not dean ashton. i definitely look forward to the signings the WHU manager and owner will do over the summer.

At 10:24 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

im not so sure west ham are going to be spending money so lets not get our hopes up

sears sounds gr8 but i personally havnt ceen him play so i would know but i rekon he will just do what hogan does and leave for a champ side

At 10:41 PM, Anonymous greendressinDUBLIN said...

well i don't reckon that at all.

this owner has stated that he wants to keep the best coming out of the academy for the first team. that would require him to put his money where his mouth is and after all, this is his investment...

At 12:25 AM, Blogger Keir Clarke said...

I wasn't actually proposing that Sears plays. Zamora has got to get a place on the bench before Sears at the moment.

However I'd like to see him get some first team action at the end of the season if we aren't still pushing for Europe.

At 7:59 AM, Anonymous portugal said...

we re at a critical turning point here. the club can go the way of Boro ,and be permanently stuck bewteen 10th and 13th,or it can go the way of villa . the only way the latter will happen is if young players are kept ,and not sold,which wud include not only noble but sears,and if some money is spent in the summer window. does huge money need to be spent? no. but one top class striker needs to be bought ,regardless of where one weighs in on the cole-ashton debate. if the owner is serious about taking the club forward, and indeed if the owner wants a long term return on his investment,the club must be a good forward this summer. no excuses. and if that requires offloading a couple peripheral players to help fund it,so be it.


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