Sunday, March 02, 2008

No One Likes Frank Lampard

It seems that not even Millwall fans like Frank Lampard. Today's Sunday Times column from Millwall supporting Rod Liddle takes great delight in Lampard's dismissal yesterday:

"IT WAS an enormous pleasure to see Frank Lampard sent off in Chelsea’s game against West Ham yesterday. That’s because I don’t like him. I don’t like his perpetually put-upon expression, nor his apparent conviction that he is a sort of magical amalgam of Garrincha, Bobby Charlton and Franz Beckenbauer, when actually he’s Jimmy Bullard with an only slightly better haircut.

I hate it when he looks aggrieved during England games at Wembley, just after a shot of his ends up somewhere near Southall, as if fate had cruelly intervened to deflect a brilliant goalbound effort towards the North Circular and none of it is his fault at all or the consequence of him being not very good.

I hate those postmatch conferences where he explains how well he has played when England have been beaten at home by the Maldives. So seeing him sent off is always an enormous pleasure, especially - and this is the point - when the decision is utterly unjustified, as it was against West Ham. Then, the pleasure is enhanced because Lampard is forced to find an even greater depth of grief in his facial expression, because he has been genuinely hard done by."

Via: West Ham Till I Die


At 7:34 PM, Anonymous portugal said...

i think the way that lampard responded to scoring at upton park,compared to the way joe cole responded ,speaks volumes about both players. cole was adult enough to admit that he made a mistake in over-celebrating his goal against us at stamford bridge.
in contrast,Lampard still has to indulge in afters with west ham supporters in the Bobby Moore Lower.

Approaching 30,earning a king s ransom,Lampard should be adult enough to not actively encourage ,and respond to abuse. If just once, Lampard stopped making infantile gestures at Upton Park, maybe he d find that west ham fans would dish out a bit less abuse in his general direction. This is a man playing for the English national side- surely he should be more mature than what he displayed for the umpteenth time this weekend. Perhaps Capello will note that if Lampard spent a bit more time on his discipline on the pitch, and a bit less time sparring verbally with opposition supporters and players,that he might have more of end product to offer club and country.

But the reality is that Frank Lampard hasn t learned much from, or matured much since, that incident on the Sept 11th hijackings ,when Lampard was caught drunkenly cracking jokes about the terrible tragedy that had unfolded. There was no excuse for that ,and if he scored 1000 goals for England, I d still never forgive him.


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