Thursday, February 28, 2008

Daily Express Exposes West Ham Bollox

The Daily Express today is trying desperately to ignite some interest in Joorabchian's attempts to wring more money out of West Ham.

The Express claims that they led the way last year when 'a series of exclusives exposed suspicions' that a secret deal may have been struck by West Ham after they were fined.

They are in effect boasting about printing Joorabchian's lies. I think I might start 'a series of exclusives' exposing my suspicions that The Express is a crap newspaper.

I have asked this question before but why do the newspapers continue to print Joorabchian's obvious lies? He keeps claiming he has documents, he keeps failing to produce them and the papers keep printing his delusions.

His latest lie, that The Express are willing to give an 'exclusive to', is that he has text messages and voice mails between him and the club that prove that the club 'may have' negotiated fees with third parties for Tevez’s continued stay at Upton Park.

I'm pretty certain that text messages aren't legal documents so I'm not really sure how they can be used to prove West Ham have negotiated anything.

The Express also makes much of the fact that West Ham have refused to deny the allegations. However the club's response, “this is now a matter for the court", is of course the standard and only proper response.

Perhaps the paper would be better to ask why Joorabchian is claiming these things exist 24 hours before West Ham lodge their defence to Joorabchian’s writ. If they had asked this simple question before writing this rubbish they might have come to the conclusion that Joorabchian is a slimy little chancer who would do and say anything to line his greasy pockets. The paper's readers could then have avoided being exposed to such obvious bollox.


At 1:40 PM, Anonymous West_Ham said...

The newspapers try to guarantee their success by printing articles on the same story but with contrasting views. This way people will buy two papers instead of one.

People love a bit of scandal and we will always read stories we disagree with as much as those we agree with. The newspapers know this only too well so are willing to write complete rubbish to seel the paper.

As long as the story takes a certain viewpoint that isn't expressed by another paper that day then it should seel well.

Like it or not, I think this is how they work and goes some way to answering the questions you raise about some papers.

At 2:43 PM, Anonymous portugal said...

i agree with the editor. it s irresponsible,inaccurate journalism ,not for the first time, not for the tenth time. perhaps for the thousandth time

it will be very interesting to see if west ham united choose to consider not only suing joorabchian himself,but suing one or more of the ragsheets who have distorted the truth, and/or printed outright lies. human beings tend to only desist from actions they know are flat out wrong when they are made to pay the price. perhaps the club s owner is finally getting closer to making joorabchian/elements of the media pay that price


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