Friday, February 29, 2008

West Ham vs Chelsea - The Predictions

Mark Lawrenson and Sky seem to think that West Ham will bear the brunt of Chelsea's defeat last weekend. Only Setanta think West Ham have any hope this weekend.

Mark Lawrenson thinks West Ham will face the backlash from Chelsea's loss of the Carling Cup. He predicts a 0-2 loss for West Ham.

Sky point out that West Ham have lost only one league game at home in the last nine. However they also notice that they have a very poor record against Chelsea in the Premier League, with May 2003 being the last time they have won this particular derby. Sky predict a 1-3 loss for West Ham

Setanta feel that Chelsea are not in the best of form, having only picked up one victory in their last five games in all competitions. They also point out that West Ham have become very hard to beat at home. Setanta predict a 0-0 draw.


At 6:42 PM, Anonymous greendressinDUBLIN said...

just saw this:,,2260978,00.html

is this just a case of 'i've had a tough week, i need to get my frustration out when i go to the game'?

i don't understand why the fans are experiencing an "instant gratification high". why not think: this year remain in the top half of the premiership; next year get into the CL; the following year win the FA cup; and so on and so forth?

also, do they not realize that when the team is not winning, the players and coach are probably already kicking themselves and don't need a third leg beating them up?

where is the perspective?

At 7:27 PM, Blogger Keir Clarke said...

Good find. There seems to have been a few follow ups to the fans singing of Paolo Di Canio last week.

The Times quoted Curbishley as saying (in this context), “You do have to have a crash helmet on and you do need to be able to handle it. It’s poor. I know that the LMA is thinking of ways to stop it. It’s becoming more prevalent, people can say what they want to a manager and players.”

I think this is an attempt to screw Curbs over - I think a journo has obviously asked him about the racial abuse of Avram Grant and got this reaction. The Times then try and make out it Curbishley getting all touchy about West Ham fans singing Paolo's name.

At 8:58 PM, Anonymous portugal said...

what i find frustrating about this is that people expect 5 years of progress to come in 1 season. we haven t spent 50 million like spurs,nor 40 million like liverpool,so what are people complaining about? we came as close as you can get to falling down that proverbial trap door ,and potentially never getting out again,yet we survived.

on top of which ,with 12 games to go, we still have a possibility of a uefa slot. i was intensely criticical of curbishley at this time last year,but the guy deserves credit for what he s achieved from march 2007 til now.


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