Tuesday, March 04, 2008

West Ham Stats

OK here's one more statistic that highlights our lack of guile going forward. West Ham have the joint fourth worst scoring record at home in the Premier League this season.

But on a more positive note we do have the third best defensive record away from home. To put that in context Sp@~s, who are one place below us in the table, have conceded over twice as many goals as us away from home.

We also have the highest scoring away win in the Premier League this season in the 0-5 thrashing of Derby.

I can't find the assists statistics anywhere - so if anyone knows where they can be found please leave a comment.


At 8:10 AM, Anonymous portugal said...

on the topic of sears,this is another reason why i think it mite be worth participating in the intertoto- not only to give players who have been out for long periods of time this term a chance to play, but also some of our youngsters. we have, when reasonably fit, a pretty big squad,so feel there is less of a risk of burnout later in the season than the last time we did this.

the other thing is that ,rationally speaking, i agree, you have to let zamora play before sears does. but then when i look at the form sears is in, it makes me think twice, and wonder if you consider throwing the pecking order out the window ,and give the lad a chance as a sub. even at a lower level of competition,it s difficult to ignore what sears is doing now, especially given our problems in scoring .


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