Friday, March 07, 2008

West Ham's Defensive Game is Tiring

Matthew Upson, who suffered a thigh strain on Wednesday, believes West Ham's style of play is physically testing.

"Because we've been unable to score enough goals, every game has been tight and taxing,” Upson said.

“We need to regroup now and, given a match against our local rivals Spurs on Sunday, we don't have much time.

"Across the middle we look a bit leggy and lack the urgency to run beyond the strikers. We haven't passed the ball at all over the last two games and that's because we're not using the energy to run into space and receive the ball.

"We identified what's wrong and we need, as a group, to address it because, although we're safe, we can't afford to let the season just dwindle away."

However Upson hinted that no matter how much the players would like to play a more attractive game the management are firmly against it.

"I know the supporters are hungry for some more attacking action and flair, but it's up to the manager to decide which way he wants to go."


At 11:29 AM, Anonymous portugal said...

being in denial is not the answer.
the statistics from anfield tell curbishley all he needs to know.
3 corners to their 16. 2 shots on goal to their 20. the evidence against the effectiveness of a 4-5-1 at the moment is indisputable. it wud be childish ,and show very poor judgement to fail to take that on board.

as for tired legs in midfield, yes, 2 games within 4 days ,especially against top opponents is a rough slog. but let s be honest -with our early cup exits ,we have had a couple periods this term where we have had extra time off.

excuses aren t the answer. not when u have john pantsil available in midfield ,who could have played a role if tired legs were that big an issue . not to mention that if the midfield is showing tired legs ,is that not further argument for playing 2 up front, possibly with sears being the other striker?

curbishley can t have it both ways. he can t claim that we have to play 5 thru the midfield, and then moan about his midfield lacking energy when he persists on playing 5 of them every game.

curbishley has done alot of good this season, and up to the last 2 fixtures ,i don t think cud be faulted too much under the circumstances. but that bad habit of curbishley being slow to accept reality is creeping up again. slow to make key substitutions ,especially in recent matches. slow to accept that the system,for the moment, requires changing.

which echoes his first 10 matches last season ,when he was slow to recognize that it was essential to play both tevez and noble. part of being a good manager involves not just sticking to what you believe in, but also involves being flexible ,and being adult enough to admit that you ve got it wrong,before it s too late.


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