Monday, March 10, 2008

West Ham - 'Not Too Bad'

Despite The Guardian's claim that the West Ham board are actively looking for a replacement for Alan Curbishley and a third 4-0 loss yesterday the West Ham manager believes the club's owners understand the problems he has faced.

"I think they are realistic about it, but we'll have to see on that score because it's a results business," Curbishley said.

"Up until this week we hadn't been too bad, so we'll have to bounce back.

"We're in football and nothing surprises anybody, but I would have thought (they would understand). They are realistic about what has gone on. They get the update every Monday of the injury situation.

"Any other team that has had six or seven out every week would find it difficult. You can see the difference in teams with settled sides."


At 8:02 AM, Anonymous portugal said...

obviously ,missing bellamy and dyer for an extended period of time,and missing parker on and off, and not having ashton fully fit hasn t helped. and it s gotten worse now ,as the back 4 has been compromised by injury.

but you can t use injuries as an excuse forever. why is it that our players seem to take much longer to recover from injuries than players on other clubs, even when the initial injury isn t severe? gabbidon and zamora come to mind.
why is it that it takes a player like dean ashton this long to make progress in his fitness,i.e. being able to run the length of the pitch without getting puffed out?
why is it that it s taken so long to decide what to do about bellamy? all this points to something not being right in terms of training, and perhaps in terms of the quality of the medical team supporting the players?

were we forced to buy bellamy and parker,given their history of injuries? no. we chose to buy them. what happened to dyer nobody can legislate for . but we knew what we were getting with bellamy and parker,both of whom are great players when fit . but how often are they fit? even upson has a chequered injury history,but to his credit, he s worked very hard to compensate for that with a sports pyschologist etc.

so it strikes me as a bit rich to be relying on the excuse of injuries this late in the season.
which was one of the excuses given last season as well. yes it s unfortunate that we ve had so many players out, but EVERY club has to cope with that ,and we at least have a fairly big squad.

with players like ljungberg,solano,noble,parker and others we shud be able to cope.

perhaps the manager ought to ask why certain key players have been underperforming . and why since we conceded from a set piece months ago at villa park ,we don t seem to have learned much from that experience.

the answer is accepting that whats gone on recently is nowhere near good enough ,taking responsibility for it, and doing something constructive about it. not pointing to the injuries.


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