Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Ljungberg on Way Back For West Ham

Freddie Ljungberg has not torn a hamstring as originally suspected and could even be in contention for a game on Saturday. Scans have revealed that the 30-year-old instead suffered an inflamed nerve in his leg.

"The injury was a little weird, especially since it was quite painful," said Ljungberg.

"It was quite hard for the medical team to diagnose but I've been told it was an inflammated nerve. Thankfully I am getting back to full fitness very quickly."

"Luckily the hamstring is not injured, which is great. It is likely I will be fully ready this coming week and available for this weekend game."

"I am lucky it wasn't a hamstring injury, and I have been told that the extra work I put in this winter, in the gym, is the reason I am in good shape."

"Despite being in some pain due to a nerve root inflammation, the hamstring itself is fine and there is no sign of a pull or strain.


At 10:35 AM, Anonymous portugal said...

"difficult for the medical team to diagnose".


what a bonus - now maybe we can get 50 points. maybe.


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