Saturday, May 17, 2008

Ashton £15 Million Target for Sp#rs

Our friends at The Daily Mail say that Dean Ashton 'is expected to move across London to join Tottenham this summer."

If you are an unscrupulous journalist I suppose it isn't hard to look at the immanent departure of Berbatov from T#ttenham and pick Ashton out of the air as a possible replacement, after all two and two on Fleet Street often adds up to twelve.

Any way The Mail say that Ashton is a £15 million target for the smallest club in North London.


At 6:24 AM, Anonymous portugal said...

My concern is not that West Ham wud be tempted to take the money and run ,but that the player himself cud be. The current owner ,as evidenced by employing Nani ,seems to have the ambition to move the club forward. But I do wonder what sort of break clause exists in Ashton s contract-is there a trigger number that exists which allows him to either talk to other clubs or buy out his remaining contract?

It s also interesting how the numbers being bandied about for Ashton are getting larger-amazing what an england call-up does.

Even with the money that Spurs will get for Berbatov,they ve already spent 15 million on a midfielder ,and are rumored to be spending considerably more than that on Eto o from Barcelona . Yet the Daily Mail acts as if Spurs have pockets that are endlessly deep.


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