Friday, May 16, 2008

West Ham Place Ferdinand Up For Sale

The Times say West Ham have put Anton Ferdinand up for sale. They claim that Ferdinand had a transfer request denied last summer but "the West Ham manager appears to have lost patience with Anton Ferdinand, who has been made available for transfer."

The Times claim West Ham are prepared to offer £6 million for Man City's Richard Dunne as Ferdinand's replacement. Dunne, according to the article, is unhappy with the what is happening under the current City owner Thaksin Shinawatra.


At 12:13 PM, Anonymous portugal said...

interesting that the player allegedly made a transfer request . also interesting that now that the season is over, and presumably gabbidon and or collins will have time to recover properly,that the manager has allegedly "lost patience" with the player. Of all the players that have been rumored,seemingly falsely ,to potentially be up for sale, this is one i wud not mind being shot of. For a start ,as a player,though he s capable of moments of brilliance,he s very inconsistent, and capable of some absolute stinkers ,a la white hart lane. Secondly ,the character of the player,on and off the pitch, ha sbeen found wanting on more than one occassion.

At the right price? A good sale

At 12:56 PM, Anonymous greendressinDUBLIN said...

wow portugal, i feel so bad to say this, but i agree with every word.

sometimes the mistakes are just atrocious. and forget about the behavior/attitude. he is the only player on the team that i truly detest.

i know that he comes from the WH academy and i am sorry that i wrote that, but that is how i feel.

At 1:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I also agree. FOr the right price it would be a great deal. Gabbidon and Uspon would be my first pick.

Even Davenport would come ahead of Anton once he is bedded in.

I have to say i think that all are hoping tha he transforms into Rio somehow. NOt gonna happen.



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