Monday, May 12, 2008

West Ham Fifth in Average Attendance League

Someone on the KUMB forum produced this table showing stadium capacities - this year's average attendance and that average as a percentage of the capacity (the percentage of tickets sold).

The figures come from an ESPN table of this season's average attendances, that has West Ham eleventh with an average attendance of 34,601. I prefer this table, not only because we come higher :), but because it is probably a better indication of how well a club is supported.

For example, even though Everton average 300 more fans than us a game - they have a far higher capacity and only sell 87% of their tickets. Considering the season they have had that it a shocking lack of support.

Compare that to Derby, whose fans have only had one victory all season, but who sold nearly 10% more of their capacity than Everton.

1. Man Utd-------------------------76312----------75961-----------99.54%
2 Arsenal---------------------------60432---------60070-----------99.4%
3 T*ttenham-----------------------36240---------35967-----------99.25%
4 Portsmouth----------------------20224---------19914-----------98.47%
5 West Ham Utd-------------------35146---------34601-----------98.45%
6 Chelsea--------------------------42055---------41397-----------98.44%
7 Newcastle------------------------52387---------51321-----------97.97%
8 Reading--------------------------24161---------23532-----------97.4%
9 Fulham--------------------------24600---------23774-----------96.64%
10 Derby County------------------33597---------32432-----------96.53%
11 Liverpool-----------------------45362---------43532-----------95.97%
12 Aston Villa---------------------42640---------40372-----------94.68%
13 Sunderland--------------------49000---------43344-----------88.46%
14 Manchester City---------------47726---------42126-----------88.26%
15 Birmingham--------------------30016---------26181-----------87.22%
16 Everton------------------------40170---------34985-----------87.09%
17 Blackburn----------------------31367---------23916-----------76.25%
18 Middlesbrough-----------------35100---------26708-----------76.09%
19 Wigan Athletic-----------------25138---------19046-----------75.77%
20 Bolton-------------------------27879---------20901-----------74.97%


At 11:22 AM, Anonymous portugal said...

Confirms what we ve known - which is that in terms of attendance ,come hell or highwater ,there are few clubs who can better us,home or away.

What wud be helpful is if we cud somehow turn that more to our advantage at Upton Park,by our support not only turning up in numbers,but being vocal, in a positive manner. The inferior nature of our home support this past season ,in terms of positive crowd noise,had to have cost us a couple of points at a minimum. This needs to change.

At 9:04 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Portugals comment refers, it will only get worse at home i am afraid. The season ticket cap and price rises will mean mainly middle aged affluent ex ICF members sitting smugly waiting to be entertained. Until a new crop of young "thugs" are encouraged in(Did you see the Villa supporters" a lively bunch like our own away supporters) or , and this won't happen under Curbs a fresh exciting team appears it wont change


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