Monday, May 12, 2008

Ashton Pitches for New West Ham Contract

Dean Ashton has spoken about his desire to 'talk' to West Ham about his future. Despite having two years left on his current contract with the club he claims to be unaware where his 'future stands at the moment'.

There have been previous rumours that Ashton has been unhappy at earning a lot less than players signed last summer and in January 2007.

"I suppose it is flattering to be linked with United, but you don't really read a lot about what goes into the papers," said Ashton. "The thing I'm more worried about is what West Ham think of me and whether they want to keep me.

"As far as I know I'll be here. I haven't heard anything myself and the only worry is that the club haven't spoken to me yet so I don't know where I stand with the club at the moment.

"Obviously I'd like to speak to the club about my future. I'd just like to know where my future stands. I haven't really been told particularly where my future stands at the moment.

"West Ham is the team I play for. I've got two years (left) here and I want to talk to the club because I've really enjoyed myself here and that's all I'm really thinking about."


At 2:36 PM, Blogger E said...

Interesting comments from a man who has played maybe 1/3 of the season in good form.

Is he using the United rumors to angle for a new contract? That would be disappointing.

Or is he just looking for reassurance that he won't be sold because he wants to stay? That would be great, but cynicism prevents me from being so optimistic.

Either way, cryptic.

At 9:59 PM, Anonymous portugal said...

I think that s a fair comment that he only played for part of the season ,and of the time he played,only part of that was productive. So it does seem just a tad premature to be talking about contracts with a full 2 years left to go. The flip side is that given his limited appearances this term, his goal tally was very good.

But why wud he need to be reassured? He knows, his teammates know and the manager knows his importance to the team,as does the owner. It doesn t require rocket science to figure that out. But the player has to also take on board that we re in the midst of a credit crunch ,and that WHU,with Icelandic ownership ,has been particularly hard hit by that . His improved pay packet will undoubtedly come,at Upton Park, but he will need to show a bit of patience. Just as the owner,management,players and supporters have been patient with him in his long road back to form. A road which is not quite complete,in all honesty.

What is most disturbing about this ,is why the need to go public about it? Why can t the player simply voice his concerns directly to the club? He s not doing himself,or the club ,any favors by discussing it in the press. This should be private business between the player and the club, and it is inappropriate for this sort of thing to be splashed out all over the media 24 hours after the season ends.


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