Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Terry Brown Claims for Loss of Chauffeur

The Daily Mail are reporting that ex-West Ham chairman Terence Brown is claiming £5m-plus from the club through a High Court writ for damages and compensation.

The contract and benefits Brown agreed with the new owners when he sold the club were terminated in May 2007 following the unravelling of the Tevez registration fiasco. Brown is claiming loss of annual salary of £492,000 and bonuses with two years running on his director's contract plus pension provision of £42,240 per year. Also in the claim are the loss of a chauffeur and mileage allowances and the use of on-site parking spaces at home and away matches.

The Mail says that West Ham have written to Brown advising him of a significant counter-claim against him over the cost to the club from the Tevez wrangling that includes the record Premier League fine of £5.5m and legal expenses.


At 9:34 AM, Anonymous portugal said...

I ve always had an intense dislike of Terry Brown, and that has not changed,although reading Brian Belton s book made me see a little bit of Brown s side of the story. One of the themes which was expressed in this book on Brown was how much the club meant to him,and continues to mean to him.

The man received a very large payout for selling his shares in the club,probably larger than he ever thought possible . And he received that payout despite contributing to a decline in the club which culminated in our relegation in 2003.

Yet now he wants to drag a feud out even further . Has the man not made enough out of WHU? Is it really necessary to be so petty as to go to court partly over a driver and petrol expenses? Does Brown not have something better to do with his time?

Does Brown not grasp that he s caused WHU supporters enough grief? If he truly respects WHU supporters ,can he not leave well enough alone, and desist from taking actions which distract the club and annoy supporters?

The man s legacy was not very complimentary to begin with ,yet he sees fit to make it even worse.

At 12:48 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sure he is not too bothered about his legacy given his actions and lack of them during his time there.

he is contractually entitled to these things and i can see him succeeding or rather WHU paying him off before it gets to court.

WHU will be very lucky to be able to single him out for blame for the £5.5 million. i suspect WHU are just trying to find something to hit him with.

The abiove aside...he was on right cushy number!!


At 7:52 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Contractually entitled is a matter of a opinion.

At 1:42 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

NO its not its a amtter of fact ass to what was in his contract


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