Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Ashton to Be Offered New Contract

Dean AshtonWest Ham have announced that the club will sit down with Dean Ashton this Friday "to discuss terms for a new long-term contract at the club."

West Ham United Chief Executive Scott Duxbury said: "The end of the season was the appropriate time to discuss such matters and to meet Dean Ashton and his representatives. We will sit down on Friday with a view to agreeing a new long-term contract to keep Dean Ashton at Upton Park. Everyone at West Ham United is committed to taking the club forward and we will keep all supporters up to date with developments via the official website as and when we have them to report."


At 12:26 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i am not the biggest fan of this guy.

that said -no matter how he accomplished this- this is good news for the club. it would have been a nightmare for everyone involved if this had dragged on over the summer break.

i just hope that he comes back from the break in top physical condition...

At 9:24 AM, Anonymous portugal said...

I can understand the feelings of the previous response. I m not overly impressed with the public manner in which the player chose to pursue the agenda. And as a player ,he is capable of magic at any time, but he s also capable of some very average displays. The Villa game in some ways summed up the state of Ashton at the moment. In the second half of the match ,at times he looked downright poor in terms of touch and inability to maintain possession. But then,not for the first time,he came up with an unexpected goal to get us an unlikely point. Taking the rough with the smooth comes to mnd I gues, in that to get the moments of brilliance that Ashton provides,and I ll admit that even in this season, there were many, you have to put up with some confoundingly poor play from him at times. But hopefully over the next 2 seasons the rough edges to his game will improve ,and we ll really reap the benefit of having him.

I think it s good that this didn t drag out ,as I think it sends the right message to Ashton himself, to the rest of the team, to the manager and staff and to the supporters. I also think it sends a message of intent to the rest of the league ,and to players potentially interested in coming to the club,that the owners are serious about moving the club forward.


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