Tuesday, May 27, 2008

West Ham Top The League

The BBC has an interesting article today on the number of English players playing in the Premier League. Only 34.1% of the players who started matches in the top flight in 2007-08 were English.

It probably wouldn't surprise many to learn which side played the most English players and which the least.

Arsenal, in last place, averaged 0.34 English players starting per match (presumably that was Walcott's little toe).

In first place are West Ham with an average of 6.61 English players starting every match.

The pool of English players in the English Premier league had actual grown in the previous four seasons - only to fall to an all time low last year. Without a doubt the England national team has suffered as a result.

The situation in the Premier League will probably be worse next season. The arrival of Nani at West Ham, with a brief to scout foreign talent, presumably means that the future is also not so bright for English players at West Ham.


At 10:09 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Im not so sure that Nani s arrival will result in fewer UK players being part of WHU. For a start, I don t think that his arrival will diminish the importance of our youth academy in teh slightest . The academy is one of the few weapons we have to partly counter the excessive spending of our various London neighbors. You cud also argue that to a certain extent,economics dictates that we look abroad for new players ,as most Premiership clubs are being priced out of the market for the pool of domestic talent available.

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